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PAX turns itself upside down in Australia

The following is a writeup about the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), arguably the world’s largest get together of gamers that turns its focus inward. Unlike E3 which is primarily for the media or Respawn which is for the LAN gaming community, PAX puts the focus on the gamer. Our culture, what we like, and how we do it. I was sent in there with Ragnorok for Gamestah to give coverage, photos and interviews during it.

I went into PAX unprepared. Far from not knowing what was on the schedule – I knew Riot were going to have a large presence, popular Australian podcasts and TV shows like good game and game arena were doing things there. Occulus rift in various forms. Nintendo to have Pokemon championships, with the winner going overseas. This is Australia’s new chance to have a community of gamers have their voices be heard.

What I was not ready for, was how uplifting the whole experience would be, in many ways.

Gamestah's Ragnorok and SuperRoach near the end of PAX Australia

Read on for more information as well as a collection of images from the event.

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Raspberry Pi Case: PiBow

Raspberry Pi - PiBow Case

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that is able to be produced for a very low cost. Although intended for mass educational and learning use, They also are a fantastic gadget to use for your own personal hacking around and learning in many different computer areas.

I’m writing this though to talk about the variety of casings that are available for it. Much like the unique situation the Raspberry Pi is in, there are plenty of fun and unique ways to have a case for it. For example, using thick paper, you can print your own case. You can even have a 3D Printed case.

I decided to try out the PiBow case, designed by Paul Beech, who also designed the Raspberry Pi logo itself.

The unique thing about this case is it can be easily sent via post, because it is arrived in layers. Like lego parts, you stack them on top of each other to build it.

Here is a video review I made of it, you can also click to read more about my impressions

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iPad and word press – a review

I’m writing this post from the iPad, and to be honest it feels a bit weird. The device itself has some fantastic apps out there, like tweet deck, brushes etc…. But the official word press one doesn’t seem to motivate me to write anymore than from say my mobile phone.

For one, the keyboard feels awkward. Maybe i still need to get used to it but that’s the thing – I shouldn’t have to be doing – just let me get to the content! Infact in writing this paragraph, I ended up switching to the aptly named iGo Stowaway keyboard. This is a portable keyboard that worted right from the start, no drivers or anything needed. Compared to about a days worth of tracking down drivers for an older symbian based phone, this was a royal treat, and offsets the problem with typing longer posts while using the onscreen keyboard. Continue reading iPad and word press – a review

Steelseries 7G: First thoughts

Box Photo

Well I just received a Steelseries 7G Keyboard from PcCasegear in Melbourne, and although they shipped it the wrong way so I had to wait an extra day, they always over package with bubblewrap so I at least know these things are safe! It also helps that compared to my other keyboard, the Logitech G15, this feels much more weighty.

I’ve always said the G15 Could make for an impromptu cricket bat, and although this one is not as wide, If you were to pit these together in a fake lightsaber battle, the Steelserie’s 7G Keyboard and its build quality would come out on top.

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