Barcamp melbourne – Talk on Podcasting: The technology

Well, BarCampMelbourne is over, and I’m still catching up on sleep in bits and pieces.

Having said that, this post is the first of two parts about the event. This one is about the talk I gave!

Podcasts: The making and technology of

Although podcasting began as a very niche area, it has since expanded to be able to be done by anyone with enough passion in an area to be able to put some out and help out likeminded people – for a laugh or to inform them.


There is a lot of software available for making a podcast, starting with the actual web. For ease of use, with its similarity to wordpress is a great start. The website was very popular even before google acquired it, and now is a very stable platform to put your blog on. Theme support is good, you have a big range to choose from, an easy way to insert a header image to personalize your blog, although editing beyond this is for stylesheets only, and only by editing a file in browser.

One alternative is hosting your own blog using a software combination like wordpress, mixed with podpress or some similar extension to make the posting experience easier.

In short though, you need some form of service that will give you an xml or rss feed. These are the lifeblood of your posts, so other services can know what to do with all the information you put in to it.

Shortly, I will amend this entry with more information about the software and workflows I’ve tried for getting your audio recorded, and on the web. I’ve found that the less time you can take with this, the better – as long as you still can see