A memory is worth a thousand pictures

The following is a recording of my Tenth speech for Toastmasters, titledĀ A memory is worth a thousand pictures. It’s been in the back of my head in the previous few speeches, and it was a great relief to finally be able to practice and then finally do it.

The significance of doing ones tenth speech is that it means you have completed the manual for toastmasters called “Competent Communicator”. The title of the book undersells the set of styles of speeches in there, as it helps you build confidence in yourself as well as practice in preparing short and long form speeches.

This does not mean the end of speeches to do however – It just means I’ve leveled up! There is a new set of books, called Advanced Communicator Manuals. The variety in these books are amazing, and I will look forward to planning speeches around these styles.

Looking back on previous speeches, I have covered a lot of topics. In one of them, I made comparisons on why I would not fight a Ghurka at a Bar. Another one involved me getting the crowd interaction up by talking about a mission to mars, including using a Mars bar on a whiteboard as a visual aid. Yet another one had me talking about the Perfect Pizza that could be made, where I opened a Pandora’s Pizza Box of puns and alliterations.

It’s been fun, and recording them has been great learning for myself, and also to show friends. I also totally understand that recording your speech is not for everyone – Part of the advantage for toastmasters is that you can practice giving a speech in a friendly environment, knowing a camera is recording everything you are doing can make you very self conscious!