Wipeout HD: Fury expansion thoughts

I’m very much a Wipeout fan, so its a big suprise for me to miss both the E3 Announcement of this game, and the actual release of this expansion in Australia. It’s a exclusive to the Playstation 3 so far, and is a download only title. a design view, the new ship designs are fantastic – It’s like a cut open version of each of the designs and they look edgy. When you use photo mode on them even the craft has self shadowing on it too, wow.

Gameplay itself, it’s practically a whole new game. You have a new campaign that has the same amount of medals in it, and you can use the new crafts in the old campaign too (helped me get some time trials a tad easier I think, because they are a touch faster and handle better too.)

Might as well mention the modes I remember, as they seem to be the meat of the game:

Zone battle – Good, takes a bit to get used to. You need to use your boost at the right time. Either lots to hope to slow down the other cars, or hold on to the last minute and hope for the best as you rocket up 10 levels in a few seconds and everything is a buzzing blur around you (It’s a mini star trek in practice I think).

Detonator – tiny craft, similar to zone but you shoot more and more mines. You have to be accurate to chain up rows of kills, and its based on points. You turn great so the main focus isn’t on your steering but aim. I got right into this mode!

Destructor – This is the one where you get violent, And I think the main part of the name. You start out, then first person to get a powerup in front will flip (l1) on the spot, and fire. If that weapons a Quake going back on 7 people, then there is a world of hurt about to happen. Besides that though, this one I would love to play with some friends online, because the rounds can be short, and you really get to see some pyrotechnics in the game – You have to risk getting close behind someone to fire something and get a certain hit, but then they can just flip and fire rockets in your face, and keep going as well. And I didn’t think of running the track in the wrong way neither, that would be fun.

The new tracks are nice and for the most part blend in with the rest of the tracks (there are 4 new ones, but effectively 12 when you mirror, reverse and zone them)

Price for the expansion was $15.85 for me, with the original being about $27 (both AUD). Overall with the expansion, it turned fun into even more fun!The game now is huge, to the point where I still need to finish the non expansion if I wanted to be a completist as well.