Keeping it real

Been a while, but thought i’d write at least what I plan to talk about! doing eSports weekly, as well as maintenance and running of clan H*EA*T for it’s servers have taken a fair bit of time, but it’s been productive. I want to write a bit more about the programming doo-dads I’ve ran into that helped me, In particular jQuery. I have to post up about how I got around making some apps and getting inputs to play nice.

With Google’s ie6 abandonment, It’s good to see sense is finally on the right side of using a proper browser – but is it correct that it took a hack of that magnitude to establish the fact, and for microsoft to acknowledge the problem? The exploit was well known, but without patches being deployed to a large amount of the people still using Internet explorer 6 in the first place, that trouble means nought. The lack of public accountability for microsoft over the whole ordeal has been staggering – at most, firefox being its main competitor has grown in usage, and developers have another anecdote to bring up when told to make it only work in “their browser”.

While it is all good and well to preach the progressive enchancement or adaptive degradation camps of html and front end web writing, sometimes you need to step back and see another reason why we care about writing code – to make detecting poorly written code easier as well.

In the end though, we’re always going to chase each others tail it seems!

Hardware news, I’m looking to make a ghetto pocket video rig. The idea currently is to take a accessory bracket and combine it with a Zoom H4n and Kodak Zi8. I’m a bit reluctant to get the latter, as it’s been out for a long while now – and it’s still the workhorse in its category!

I’ve bought a Samsung umx h10 recently, and found it good – but not that useful for what i’d like. Focusing is fixed at about 1.5 metres, meaning you need to preset your position, then not move. Sharpness is already at a premium with the lens of a pocket video camera, so you really do need autofocus of the Kodak Zi8. Even better though, is the hdmi output into professional rigs, as well as the Audio input jack I can connect something worth listening too.