iPad and word press – a review

I’m writing this post from the iPad, and to be honest it feels a bit weird. The device itself has some fantastic apps out there, like tweet deck, brushes etc…. But the official word press one doesn’t seem to motivate me to write anymore than from say my mobile phone.

For one, the keyboard feels awkward. Maybe i still need to get used to it but that’s the thing – I shouldn’t have to be doing – just let me get to the content! Infact in writing this paragraph, I ended up switching to the aptly named iGo Stowaway keyboard. This is a portable keyboard that worted right from the start, no drivers or anything needed. Compared to about a days worth of tracking down drivers for an older symbian based phone, this was a royal treat, and offsets the problem with typing longer posts while using the onscreen keyboard.

The basic features are in there for wordpress, like comment moderation, but things such as integrated image posting does not seem to be that good. Infact in trying to get it to work, it doesn’t even pick up the photos I have stored, and trying to click add ends up in a crash. Maybe I’ll have another go when there is an update for it next.

The preview of the blog hasn’t been picked up, so I’m left with a very plain text version when editing. I used to be fine with that on an old s60 based phone, but now with the extra real estate, it’s nice to see where line breaks are and what not.

It is nice that it does return your previous posts, although it doesn’t seem to be interpreting html written messages. A post made in Windows Live writer for example has some awkwardly escpaed charecters in it, and paragraphs and linebreaks not used but replace by the all to common paragraph tag.

For free, I can’t complain, although for the short term I would recommend people keep using their admin panel on their wordpress blogs. Things look to be changing drastically with wordpress e.o, which might have an updated iPad up to follow up with it.