WordPress 3.0 – woohoo!

So the new version of wordpress has come out, and I like it!

I was impressed hearing about people doing its flawless update to 3.0 from their older version. This is a good thing for me, as they really do seem to put in a lot of care for their update system to make sure everything gets updated nicely. I don’t remember any botched updates in a long while related to wordpress, so good on them.

Unfortunately I can’t take advantage of this, due to the way my blog’s setup. The security is set in a way that doesn’t allow the ftp or apache to have direct access to creating new files. This is good for security and should help stop any malicious files from going crazy on this system, but unfortunately stops me from taking advantage of the automatic update. Ah well, so off to the manual update for me – delete and reupload files, and run a upgrade file. Three clicks later and I am done, woohoo!

First impressions are good. The beta had the same admin panel, but it is worth mentioning still – it’s so smooth, and fluid. I’m sure I’ll get more nuggets of information from it as I try it out more. In particular I’ll be interested to get some url rewriting going on, and its now native handling of multi users.

Also, I love the twenty ten theme. Enough to ditch the tweaked sandbox theme that I have used for a while now. It feels fresh, and nice enough. On top of that, it’s been made nice enough to allow for all the usual client changes you’d do in mind – header images, columns, menu navigation… it’s all there. Good on them!

The wordpress iPad app has not been updated yet which is a minor shame, although to be honest I’m not sure what they could add to it (native theme previews maybe?)

Overall, it looks like there is a bright future for wordpress. Their blog has mentioned that they are taking a break from making the core, to focus on all the other bits about them – the website it is on, the forums… that’s a nice touch I really have to give out for them.