Samsung Galaxy S–Speed performance improvements in 2.2.1

While many Samsung Galaxy S users are just beginning to enjoy the Froyo update which has been released to their phones, here is a taste of what will be coming shortly–2.2.1

Although the version bump is only 0.0.1 , the improvements in user interface interaction makes this just as important as the froyo update itself.

I noted inside this video that Pulse is now on par with it’s iPhone/iPad version, which is right up there with my favourite mobile news applications.

The following is the links I used for updating the firmware that my phone uses:


Version 2.2.1 / “JPY”

In short, I used Odin to downgrade my phone to a clean starting point of JM8 (I latter found this was not needed), And then repeated the procedure with the newer firmware to complete the task.

Overall, backing up my apps took probably the most time. I heartily recommend syncing your contacts up with your google account, to make sure you never are without your phone numbers for long.