Making a USB bootable flash drive

Occasionally I need to install a operating system or a recovery partition to help fix a system that is overrun with viruses, or to start the computer from fresh.

Each time I look for a nice, quick way to make my USB drive bootable, and it’s always been a mess! Many command line based solutions which should not be needed for a majority of the time.

There is a nice, graphical solution out there which also has a list of distributions for you to have it get the iso, and prepare the entire drive for you in a couple of clicks – yay for low maintenance!

Oh You can also use your own iso image too.

Making a bootable CD Drive has been easy, and done for many, many years. So, I’ll try and help by pointing to an excellent app at .

In terms of how it does it, it creates a menu list for grub, and installs that  to your usb drive. You can then specify any images you have on your usb, and have it boot.

The other cool think is that this will let you boot multiple images – so you can have for example a Windows 7 boot, along with tools like tools like Hirens boot cd for malware cleaning or file recovery.

The exact link I used to make my bootable usb drive was with this link:

And I give it the thumbs up!