Hello there, I’m using this blog as a central location where I can write about any items worth sharing out there, usually related to technology or programming. Topics will come and go, and this is my attempt at documenting things that I feel are interesting and worth sharing.

More specific information about me is available in other websites I maintain, such as my personal website, or the clan H*EA*T website for social gaming fun.

Feel free to follow me on the usual social media sources below:


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If you are reading this after seeing me at PAX Melbourne – Hi!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,
    I saw your youtube video about recording the screen using the Blackmagic Intensity from the iPad2. I’m curious, do you get audio recording as well, or are you only getting screen capture?


  2. Hi Brett,
    I read your great article on USB 3 deficiencies. I had bought an MSI GE620 laptop specifically to ingest HD video using Blackmagic Ultrastudio Pro, but image flickers – USB must be too slow.
    Could you recommend good laptop configuration on which I could truly use Ultradstudio Pro at full USB 3 bandwidth? to ingest HD video?
    Many thanks for your help,

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