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Equipment for audio interviews or – what’s in my bag?

You can tell a lot from a person with the equipment he takes with him, and how it packs it up, so on request, I thought it may be a good time to go through what kind of things I would take to an interview with a focus on the audio component of it.

Portability is a big thing to me, as I often prefer to be able to take everything with me on foot. This limits me in a few ways. I do not have the ability to use powerful lighting or other high performance gear, because I cannot assume I will be able to work in a powered setting. The advantage it brings though is a lot of components can work on battery power, and I can get into very remote or constrained areas. Used properly the location can give your interviewee a more of a relaxed tone and help in a setup where you may not have assistance with you.

First off, the backpack:
Speck aftpack, before..

My photo does not do it justice, but the product photography on their page does. It’s called a Speck Aftpack.

Read on below the fold to see what madness lies inside!

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